As much as we like to think that we are pretty low maintenance ladies, most women will find themselves with more products than they thought they needed, with more uses than they thought they had. I still stand by coconut oil, having used it for the 122nd time as an excellent no-chemical and planet friendly moisturizer.

So in this special collaboration story with Sissy Sosro, we focused on beauty and make up artistry, seeking to transcend the reality of the photographic medium through surreal twists. Inspired by humorous surrealism and graphic, vivid colors, we sought to challenge standards of beauty and prove that it can come in many shades.

The truth is, the media hasn’t always offered a vision of beauty that reflects our society’s rich diversity. So through this story we wanted to celebrate all shades and tones, open people’s eyes and minds and provoke new ways to experience beauty.



as featured on Polyester Zine, The Ladies Network, Crybaby Zine , and Girl Mag Online

Photography by  Sally Ann & Emily May

Hair & Make-Up by Sissy Sosro

Hair & Make-Up Assistance by Prastita Pontjo

Models: Zeline Prabowo, Salvita Decorte, Judith Ayu, Anya Zen, Devona Cools, Vien Febrina, Laras Sekar


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